Monday, May 30, 2011

Hummingbirds and Dandelions

We're still feeling slightly soggy but have at last managed to get onto the fields and free some of these poor leggy, root-bound transplants from the confines of the green house. We made great progress laying plastic mulch only to suffer a demoralising setback when a ridiculously strong wind ripped it all up leaving the field in a worse state than when we had started. The hummingbirds have arrived so summer is officially here and we saved one very exhausted male who had trapped himself in the sun room. Was the only time I've ever seen one up close that isn't madly fluttering its wings, so we could admire the iridescence - lovely. Unfortunately the bugs have decided it's time to start biting and it makes being in the field for any length of time really irritating unless you are under a bug net or coated in bug repellent. Oh well we may as well be thankful that the horse flies aren't out yet.
Our mower still hasn't made it out of the barn and the dandelions are knee high in places, so rather than moan about it I figured that I could make wine. However in between, transplanting, sowing, raking, weeding, spreading manure and shovelling seaweed, I'm not sure I've got the time!
The bonus of course at this time of year is that it's lobster season on our coast until the end of June so I am determined to eat my fill of this "poor man's food" and thanks to the generosity of friends and neighbours, I've got off to a pretty good start. Even the chickens are enjoying nibbling our rejected shells, it's a nice little treat for them since Jamie has now put a fence around them and they are no more a roamin'. For me it's a relief to walk in my own yard without getting attacked or bothered by busy hens. I've definitely changed my mind about free-range chicken. The ducks are a whole different ball game, content to waddle around, swim in the pond and waggle their tails when they see food coming. However, even Eddie can't help licking his lips as he watches them.

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  1. Isn't the hummingbird gorgeous - can't say the same about Jamie's hands!