Monday, December 8, 2014

We made the move

It was a crazy mad rush to get ourselves and the farm all packed up, but we did it and we made our way to Scotland! Apologies to those who we didn't get the chance to say good bye to before we left, it was all pretty hectic.
We are thrilled to be back in the UK with friends, family and pets! Next steps... who knows?...your ideas please!
Sending green blessings to all our friends in Nova Scotia and beyond, thanks so much for supporting us during our stay.
Testing out the dog crate
Shipping all that Stuff!

Monday, September 29, 2014

That's all folks!

Sadly this season has been the shortest ever.
Not only did we start late with that awful long winter taking its time to shift but now with the frost coming 3 weeks earlier than previous years we are pretty much done and dusted with the flowers and we haven't even reached Thanks Giving.

And it's not just over for the season, our fling in Nova Scotia is over for good.
We are moving back to the UK, taking our green thumbs and fingers with us to see what adventures we can have over there.

 Thanks to all our fabulous customers and friends who love our flowers, teas and herbal products. We've had a great adventure over here. We've appreciated your custom and greatly enjoyed getting to meet you all.

Many thanks! (and Happy Thanksgiving)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Update on this season's flowers

Well, what with a long winter, tropical storm, ravenous deer and a dry July, our flowers are certainly blooming albeit slowly. Some of the plants are understandably a bit stressed or stunted and on the whole the harvest seems to be about 2 weeks behind our "usual" schedule.

However, Jamie has been at the Halifax Seaport Market every week and will be there until Thanks Giving (frost permitting). Many thanks to our regular customers who have been delighted to see us back.

For photos of our latest flowers, I usually post these to our Facebook page because it's easier and quicker so you can keep more up to date there.The flowers from now on will just keep coming, bigger and better and more abundantly. (Fingers crossed!).

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and hope to see our Nova Scotian customers at the market soon.