Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sea food extravaganza topped with fresh herbs!

Boy oh boy, too much of a good thing - yes for us and our land, we are maxing out on treasures from the sea.
In an attempt to rid me of my all too expensive lobster craze, Jamie ordered a dump truck of rotting shells for the "good of the soil". So on a balmy summer evening last week the truck arrived, dumped its load and then got stuck in the squidgey field. (oops!!!) Jamie has since courageously and single handedly proceded to spread the load over all of our cultivated fields. His work clothes now live out on the deck in an attempt to rid us of the lingering smell. It smells very much like the seaside when we go about our work in the fields especially since we have also spread kelp and eel grass on the beds, and we now have to watch our fingers when planting and weeding, since those spiney little buggers manage to spear us even from the dead.
We had a fabulous harvest of alliums (purple sensation) and following a forage for wild ferns and grasses as filler, several bouquets later I ventured out with our wares to the farmers market. All of our herbs are looking (and tasting) brilliant so they were also very popular.
Fulfilling yet another life-long dream, Jamie set out on Sunday with the help of some local lads to forage for wild seafood and I must admit his harvest was most impressive consisting of razor clams, oysters and a new to us discovery of Quahog (kwahog - think big clam, I mean BIG - see pics). Albeit charged with beer and suffering from the cold, he was grinning from ear to ear when he returned home with his wild harvest and I can understand his irritation at wanting to buy seafood when if you have time, enthusiasm and a penchant for lingering in shallow water, you can reap a wild harvest for free. Check out the pics...

Lobster arrving

Spreading the rotten stuff

Preparing alliums for market

Meet the Quahog

Yummy razor clams


ready to eat

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