Monday, May 9, 2011

Drizzly Monday

The grey day outside has given us a chance to catch our breath and allow the rain to water all those perennials that we put in last week with the help our of guests (our first wwoofers of the season); Kerry and Jean-Gabriel who worked very hard to earn their keep! Thanks to them, we now have raspberries, blackberries and asparagus planted, all neatly protected by an electric fence, as well as some nicely sifted soil and neatly paced out rows. They will be missed, not in the least by Eddie who is feeling noticeably low at the loss of his play mates. On a brighter note, the land is looking a lot more colourful, our daffs and tulips are out, the grass is green, birds are chirping etc.. Sadly this means that bugs are just around the corner so we are spending as much time outside as we can while their biting presence is not yet with us. We've even seen a bear print in the bottom field so all creatures great and small we welcome you. Bring on the growing season!

Jean-Gab and Eddie

Kerry transplanting seedlings

Grooming a wiggly pup

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