Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Power tool ever...The Dad

Whoop, whoop, yay! An ingeniously designed cool room has been erected inside the barn, thanks to Dad and his workaholic ethos that slaved away last week. Though not yet finished (90% done) or particularly cool (needs an airconditioner), it's a very fine example of Johnstone fix-it - build-it -just-do-it capability. We are so pleased, with another project almost ticked off the never ending list. Dad left us yesterday looking exhausted.
Dad did bring a bit of fair weather over from England with him and the Daffodils are finally out together with our garlic, which is a relief. We all woke up dreadfully early to see the Royal wedding though since it seemed to be replayed continually on Canadian television throughout the day, I don't know why we bothered.
We have more company this week and welcome our first Wwoofers (not the doggie kind but a couple from Australia/France). Even after one day the 2 extra pairs of hands are proving invaluable. We are hugely excited, it really feels like we are farming now.

building the cool room

inside the cool room

Daffs and drift wood


on the beach

Eddie giving Jamie directions

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  1. Thanks! You didn't mention that this power tool is fuelled by alcohol (home brew), coffee (fair trade) and your cooking (with the occasional take away pizza!