Sunday, May 19, 2013

May sunshine

We've just said goodbye to our first volunteer wwoofers of the season, Anna and Franz. It was great to have the extra pairs of hands to help out as we begin to tackle the long list of spring tasks ahead of us and thanks to them I now have one new raised bed (it only took 3 years!)
Thankfully we got hold of a load of good sh*t, it's dark and dirty and our plants are going to love it! (Worm castings from Growing green earthworm castings will be delivered soon).
Over the last two weeks, Jamie has tilled, we've mulched, spread muck, transplanted a few hardy kales and veggies, sown some grains and whatever else we felt like risking. I've been weeding our perennial beds and it's good to see Echinops, Eryngium, Phlox, Veronicas, Peonies, Achillea, Motherwort, Catnip, Vervain, Lavendars and other herbs beginning to grow once more. I've put the dandelions to good use and have a batch of home brew bottled and wine in the making.

The polytunnel is almost behaving itself and is full with snaps, stocks, clarkia and larkspur.

Our transplants are simply desperate to get out of the greenhouse and into the field so as soon as we've got past this cold spell we will be transplanting as fast as we can.

General feeling is good, and grass is growing like crazy, trees actually have leaves on and we've even got some blossom.

Bertie is the only one sulking since Franz was a rather impressive thrower of sticks and she is missing him like mad.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green and growing

Amazing how time can fly when the sun is shining, the grass is green and the leaves have just about appeared on the trees. Our list of jobs to do just gets longer and longer, luckily so do the days and we are falling into bed tired out with a few items ticked off the list.
The garlic is growing up through its cosy bed of winter mulch, as is the asparagus, the daffodils, hyacinth and muscari are in bloom and we have given our raspberries a little prune in the hope that this year we will have berries!
Our little green house is almost over-flowing with flower seedlings that are desperate to be transplanted, however we are not fooled by this wave of warm weather, we are holding off a little longer just in case night temperatures plummet once more.
A week ago Jamie was able to finally till up some beds which was a great relief so has begun spreading compost and direct seeding. This of course means the chickens are back behind bars much to their disgust and are serenading us with their chorus of disapproval.
Yesterday, following several unsuccessful attempts over the last few weeks, Jamie managed to get the plastic back over the poly tunnel, so fingers crossed it will stay put this time.
All in all, green is good and it feels exciting to get our hands in the dirt once more.

Drumming by our Beltaine fire

Jamie's very delicious, very chocolatey birthday cake