Monday, May 16, 2011

feels like an English Summer

Since we were busy pandering to Jamie's obsession with buying random rusty pieces of farm machinery, we missed the narrow window of opportunity on Saturday morning when the rain paused long enough for lawn tractors to be dusted down and set to work mowing acres of wilderness. So now like a jungle the grass and the weeds grow around us while smug neighbours who did get their lawns mowed, live in civilised conditions. All our fields are squelchy to say the least though luckily not submerged. The incessant drizzle and rain is brilliant news for those perennials we put in last week, but jolly frustrating for all those seeds and transplants that we are desperate to get planted out. Under all the dampness it feels depressingly like an English summer. On the plus side our trial tulips did fabulously and we have some new feathered additions to the farm. In exchange for some garden work we acquired a pair of Muscovy ducks, they haven't yet found the pond but seem content with the general sogginess of the place. Incidentally, Jamie's new rusty attachment for the tractor is going to work wonders so fingers crossed the rain lets up and we can actually start farming!

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  1. Tulips look lovely - are you expecting duck eggs?