Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot summer colour ... the daily grind

So it goes something like this... up at 6am...stretch and groan...lather up with sun cream...go pick down in the river, squash cucumber beetles with ferocity, back to farm house for hot tea and breakfast... mull over the plan for the day (an excuse to be inside in the cool) .... go weed something...then go transplant something ... water greenhouse...laugh at dogs being idiotic ...retreat to cool for lunch and rehydrate .. check email ... get annoyed about something on email / facebook / the internet in general ... fiddle around with rusty machinery... weed something else, panic harvest some blooms that didn't seem ready this morning but have now exploded, retreat to the cooler and organise buckets of flowers, wash buckets (getting as wet as possible to cool down), swat a few horse flies, check out the devastation by those pesky deer, root around in the veggie garden for something green and odd shaped for supper, munch on a few peas, maybe even a tomato, chat to neighbours, grumble at those on dirt-bikes... fiddle around with the poly tunnel until satisfied, cool down and clean up in the river (again), have supper, find a cold beer, put feet up, apply Fay's herbal potions to bites, stings, sun burn, splinters and aching muscles...write to-do-urgent list... fall asleep...


  1. You're liking the life then!

  2. Beautiful colours as always... Am intrigued though as to what that multi-leafed lump of plasticine is though...??

  3. love your description, it's a kohlrabi...first time we grew them, quite tasty.