Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Blooms

It's warm and sunny (and buggy of course) and hard not to get excited (and exhausted) about getting the garden in. For the last week or so Jeanne from Quebec has been staying with us helping Jamie transplant out our flowers, lay mulch, direct seed and weed our lovely perennial flowers, raspberries and blackberries.
It's a joy to be stopped in our tracks by the heady scent of lilac and quite beautiful to see apples and our wondrous hawthorn trees in bloom.

Blooming gorgeous is an under-statement!
The rare red lupins which we seeded last year are just about coming into bloom, they seem to be earlier than the blue/pink/purple ones which you usually see here at the end of June, the yellow ones (also unusual) are not long behind them.

I've started making flower essences and finishing blending some herbal extracts so they will be available for sale soon. (Well that is my excuse for buying decent brandy!)
We've even managed to make time and shift the gigantic pile of soil which was dumped outside the kitchen window for the last 2 years!!

We're feeling a bit sun-kissed and bug bitten but morale is high!


  1. Great to see some colour. The hawthorn has been out here (UK) for a week or so now and is showing no signs of quitting. It's at least two weeks later than usual!

  2. Lovely photos...! Wish I could see some colour like that here in NYC...!