Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer flies by

In a blur of colour, hazy summer heat and incredible blooms, our Nova Scotia summer has flown by. The growing season has been great and fingers crossed we can continue this third season of production up untilThanks Giving Weekend (providing there is no frost).

August was most definitely a month for weddings and we've even got a few this autumn (seriously we do have our fingers crossed). Our flowers have been spreading joy across Nova Scotia in the South Shore, the Valley, Halifax, Pictou, New Glasgow and of course locally in Tatamagouche.

Despite all the busy harvesting and flower arranging, we did manage to take a long weekend break to St Andrews in New Brunswick camping in the attention grabbing purple and white van. This involved lots of seafood, sunbathing, swimming, whale watching and wine and was only slightly dampened by Bertie's encounter with a skunk on the first night...We both had total sense of humour failure but soon grew accustomed to the whiff, doubt we were at all popular with other campers though.

Updating the blog or taking photos cease to be a priority when harvest is in full swing but the Oliver Farm Botanicals Facebook page usually has a few up to date photos on it. The ones here are some August highlights...though suddenly realised we are mid-way through September and fall is in the did that happen?


  1. As always, amazing colours! What was the 'fish' - a pilot whale?

  2. Jamie diving for supper haha..gorgeous flowers, you should be very proud - makes our lives here in Shepperton seem incredibly dull and colourless! Xx