Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You know it's fall when...

So, kids have gone back to school, Tata has flaunted her annual Labour Day parade, we celebrated my birthday, nights have turned cool and we've had to hunt out where on earth we put our socks for the last few months, so it feels like fall is definitely on it's way. Oh yes and sunflowers....lots of them, looking wonderful despite the winds and heavy rain brought along by hurricane what's her name down south.(The first of many I fear).

Plants are loving the rain and we are hoping this will give the farm it's final florish before we throw in the trowel at Thanks Giving. Or maybe I should re-phrase that, the only tools we might be giving up in October are the secateurs, we will still have garlic to plant and lots of farmy stuff to do...no rest for the humble land steward.

Pocket sized cantaloupe and over-sized aubergine

Not sure what we've let ourselves in for, this Sunday the farm will be officially open for visitors for the annual provinicial Open Farm Day, an opportunity for everyone to meet their farmer and in our case, stare at weedy fields where flowers once grew. We have a feeling that our crazy purple van from Berlin and pocket-sized Massey Ferguson will be the focus of attention for most people. Wish us luck!

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  1. Pocket size cantaloupe?? Thats the cutest thing ever..One teaspoon worth?! Good luck with the open farm day! Are you sure you give people task as they come in to give them the 'experience' of a working farm? Do some weeding, cut a few logs, polish the min Massey...
    Good luck this weekend!
    p.s. are you going to let some sun flowers grow and dry for the seeds? x