Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer flying by

The fact that it's been a month since our last post surely reflects the general state of play for us and all farmers at this time of year...busy? - doesn't even come close to describing the frenzy of flower picking and selling. We are fortunate that despite the desperate drought, we still have a harvest, albeit slightly stunted and perhaps less abundant than last year. There are some disappointments but it's all ticking along as well as can be expected.

We've had a few volunteers staying, by far the most helpful and hard-working was Zophia, who produced home-made soups and bread while still managing to assist with harvesting, weeding and farm projects. She was particularly fond of the dogs who are now nicknamed Bertuska and Edzio and she did an incredible paint-job on our (very rusty) yard art. We will miss her!


  1. Beautiful flowers as always!! So, who painted the plough in the end? You Jamie or the magic Zophia?? By the way, the flowers (marigolds?) in the jars; are they pickled to have in salads later or just water??

    1. The calendula blossoms are in olive oil because we are making infused oils to use in healing salves for cuts, grazes etc and baby's bottoms!

  2. Silly me, I just noticed that it was indeed Zophia who painted your yard art! Great job!

  3. Zophia looks tiny next to you Jamie!

    I must say the calendula blossoms look very edible, good question Charlie. Our gardens here in Mallorca are all longing for rain too, send some over UK

    Cins xx