Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A final flourish

Hurray we reached Thanks Giving without a frost...yahoo! And thanks to the inches of rain and hot weather we have experienced over recent weeks this meant we had a wonderful spread of flowers, decorated pumpkins and ridiculously shaped gourds to display at the market last Saturday and it turned out to be Jamie's best day ever. This was our last Saturday at the Seaport Market in Halifax (or so we thought!).

 For those of you who haven't looked at the Oliver Farm FaceBook page then I suggest you check out the Oh My Gourd album for a laugh at the brightly coloured funny shaped goblin eggs and the like that our land produced. We are still gathering in beans, tomatoes, potatoes etc. anything that we can salvage before a frost descends. I am digging a few herbal roots to produce muddy-looking decoction type things. We have both enjoyed some gorgeously warm, sunny and blissful bug-free days and it's come as a shock to us to suddenly have to put on the heating (or attempt to) and find a sweater. Would love to say that the to-do list was getting shorter now that summer has most definitely ended but am not convinced that we will get to put up our feet for a while since we have a schedule of Christmasy type markets on the agenda and garlic to plant on an incredibly soggy looking field.

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