Friday, July 27, 2012

Rain, rain come again

So the rain dance worked (well actually it was a drumming and we only got a sprinkle) but at least it has perked our flowers up a little and we are at last seeing more blooms. The lilies were lovely while they lasted, we have received a beautiful thank you note from a very happy bride who was delighted with last week's flowers, so some things are going well. Don't be fooled, Jamie is putting on a very brave face but battling with all sorts as per usual. We are so very annoyed that some of this year's glads seem to be infested with thrips so armed with insecticidal soap we begin the defence strategy but many are ruined. No sooner are we done with scaping our garlic, are we now beginning the harvest, cleaning and curing process of all the bulbs. Kind of ironic that when we need dry weather to leave the garlic in the field to cure, we get rain, but we are not complaining! Anyway this year's garlic rocks,Yahoo!
(Forgot to mention last time that we now have a Facebook page for Oliver Farm Botanicals to help us easily post piccies of check us out if you haven't already.)


  1. Hi!

    Just found your blog and I'm loving it! I was over at Floret flower farm's blog and got to wondering if there were any cut flower farms in NS. I'm glad to see there are! :)

  2. Love that farm too! Come and see us at the Seaport market or Tatamgouche if you can.