Monday, June 13, 2011

Lupin time, oh and rhubarb of course

Well, the grass is growing, the weeds are shooting up and there are faint signs that some of our seeds might be germinating so something is happening, just rather slowly. We have peace in the yard, however, since we gratefully gave away our beautiful, golden, noisy, fearsome rooster who was prone to attacking and crowing at every hour. Admittedly our remaining rooster is not so big or handsome but he's definitely on the gentler and quieter side so it makes for a less stressful farmyard. Annabelle, our lady duck has started making cute bird like chirping noises and is sitting on a nestful of eggs so with any luck in a month or so (when we have totally forgotten about it) fluffy ducklings will join us on the farm (let's hope Mr Fox isn't reading this). This week we've been to 2 markets with the rest of our allium harvest, together with wild iris, scented phlox, columbine, honeysuckle, forget-me-nots and lupins which seem to be everyone's favourite. The predominate colour is definitely purple!
We've been joined by Katharina from Germany who will be giving us a hand with things, though it's pouring down with rain right now so noone is very keen to get outside. I've been busy cooking up brown sauce with as much rhubarb as I can get my hands on, hopefully the 12 bottles I ended up filling will see us through until next rhubarb season.
evening harvest

early morning market prep

Lots of very brown (rhubarb) sauce

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