Thursday, April 14, 2011

New additions to the farm: Green House, BCS and worms

Oops, slight delay in getting my entry online due to my non-techy brain struggling with video. Still haven't worked out how to get it online so we'll just have to stick with photos and text for now. (how old fashioned). Jamie has been working double time to get the greenhouse up (and plants out of the house). We had a historic (and very long day) on Sunday, as we finally stretched the plastic over the greenhouse racing to beat the storm that was coming. Many thanks to Sam, Marcus and Roger who helped. We've also been having a laugh with some new additions to the farm. I got some worms and Jamie got a BCS tiller. His toy is much more fun (yes, I have already driven it into a tree allowing us to test out the emergency eject-seat buttons which thankfully were very effective). It's actually a bit of a beast which my little hands find difficult to control, Jamie thinks it will do the job nicely. As for the worms, they just don't seem to be behaving. Rather than stay put in their cosy bin, we find them crawling all over the kitchen in the morning. We've got guests staying at the mo (Jamie's ma and little sis) who we are putting to work and they are doing a very fine job. Rain has stopped play today. Will update with our progress soon. We are planting stuff and it's getting very exciting!!

THE BCS and Trailer

Ready for plastic

Laying the plastic

Farmer Jamie in action

Still working!! nearly there....


  1. Very professional and robust - let's hope the coooool room is as good!

  2. can you tell me if you bought your bcs tiller in ns or did you go to the states to get it? the prices here in nova scotia are ridiculous compared to the usa prices..thanks

  3. please email me about the tiller at