Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is coming (apparently)

While we may have celebrated the spring equinox and are enjoying the extra hours of daylight (well actually that just means more work time!), I wouldn't be totally confident to herald that spring has arrived. Like most things in the maritimes, what's the rush? We got overly excited at the sight of grass again and then our hopes were dashed by another couple of snow falls. The daffs I fear are digging their way to Australia.
Progress on the greenhouse is steady and Jamie is beavering away as fast as his frozen fingers will allow. Until its completion we will continue sharing the house with thousands of seedlings who are battling for daylight and warmth. Eddie has found something serious to growl at under our deck (and it growls back- yikes!) and unfortunately another of our cockerels has turned against me.

Green house phase 1 - surveying

Green house phase 2 - digging

Green house phase 3 - working out the angles!

Green house phase 4 - oh that's what it's going to look like

Cold day at the beach/iceberg

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