Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All things pork and beautiful

With our pork returned from the butcher packed and wrapped we distributed two thirds to various families in the neighbourhood. We then spent the evening identifying various parts of the remaining animal before Jamie began the process of brining and curing for the bacon, hocks and ham.
Making sausages seemed like an endless process but turned out excellently with tasty results. We tried herbs, honey garlic, apple and sage and cumberland. I also couldn't resist sneaking out some of the sausage meat to use for homemade scotch eggs. However we are more excited by the 3 kilos of salami and chorizo which are now hanging to air dry in our living room. Jamie is currently making scratchings and I think we are even going to roast the ears for Eddie so he can join in the fun.

Jamie master sausage maker

 Scotch Eggs

Salami and chorizo

Scratchings before cooking

slow cooking pork shoulder to make pulled pork

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