Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Berkshires Escape ...again!

Since our last posting we've had a week of farm planning, skiing, bright sunshine and a huge snow fall which has seen Jamie digging us out and even the pigs. As the electric fence lay buried under the snow, our curious friends hopped over it, leaving the confines of their snowy sty and enjoyed a frolic in the snow creating havoc all the way to the barn and back again. Luckily they are safely back in their snowy pen, for now at least!

Jamie digging

The Pigloo (Pig house insulated with snow)

Yesterday despite waking up to minus 18 degrees, we braved the sunny ski slopes.


  1. Great photos guys, was lovely to talk the other night. Seems all very exciting!! Grinz

  2. Fay, it is fantastic to see you on here. Looks like you are having an adventure of a lifetime! Hope you are well! Ben says hello!