Monday, January 31, 2011

After more White Stuff and a Coyote kill we end the week with a bang

During another white winter week we grappled with yet another snow fall and continued our seed catalogue marathon as we plan this summer's crop.
We celebrated Burns Night with whisky of course and haggis from a can! It was actually quite nice, and I made us another tart from the Popina book - very tastey.
Poor Bessy (the 1964 Tractor) couldn't quite cope with the amount of snow on Thursday and in an understandable huff, over-heated, leaving Jamie stranded mid-driveway up to his knees in snow. Fortunately owing to the freezing temperatures, her hot flush didn't last long and Jamie was soon back on the blower shifting the snow, not that we wanted to leave but we do like to welcome visitors!
After hearing eerie noises from our furthest field and noticing an unusual gathering of enormous birds with huge talons and beaks, we snow shoe-ed off to investigate. It didn't take much tracking ability to follow a small trail of blood to a deer carcass, possibly left by coyote, long gone surely but that didn't prevent us from scooping up Eddie. In any case, the bald eagles were surveying him with anticipated pleasure.
To finish up the week I begrudgingly accompanied Jamie as a participant on the Firearms Safety Course. To my absolute horror not only did I have to sit through a whole sunny Saturday listening to trigger happy hunters talk about guns when I could be skiing but this was followed by a written exam on firearms and ammo and culminated with a practical. (Yes, Jamie explained that does mean that I have to pick up a gun). How someone who has no intention of ever shooting anything ever ended up in that class room I do wonder. Anyway, the worst part of the whole weekend was that I actually enjoyed myself! And as a result, we both passed our written and practicals 100%. What geeks we are. Though I still have no intention of ever shooting anything but as Jamie quite rightly points out, that's actually because I can't aim straight and talk far too loudly.


  1. Cool! Fay gets her gun. Did the practical involve shooting or just loading and unloading?

    I was wondering if you had cleared the fact woke up in the night dreaming about it.I hope Bessie has been retrieved and is now telling the hens (in the barn) all about her exploits - is this the beginning of a childrens story series? I'm not sure that the tales of bessie the fergie has quite the right ring about it!

  2. By the way, the BBC weather forecast says tonight that the cold weather from Canada is affecting the jet stream bla bla and it's going to rain this week.Hu?