Friday, March 9, 2012

seeding and sprouting

While our winter stores of parsnip, spuds, carrots, garlic, dried herbs, squash, frozen duck and blueberries are still keeping the wolf from the door, we are now delighted to have fresh greens to eat once more. Our endeavours with the endives have paid off and after a period of forcing they are now yielding a delightful crunchy bitterness for our lunch time salad. However it's hard to evaluate whether or not they are worth the effort; growing from seed, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, storing, replanting then forcing) - but it's not like we can buy anything this fresh at our local store. We've also got the sprouter on the go with alfalfa, wheat, pea shoots, beans etc. shooting up, but more importantly, our attention (well Jamie's anyway) has now turned to the SEEDS. Once again we have set up the first hot bed (in the actual spare bed in the big bed room of course) and started to bang out soil blocks (more info on Soil Blocks here)..the first step on that long and enjoyable journey to blooming wonderful flowers!



  1. Wow does Jamie need a magnifier to see what he Is doing with the seeds?

  2. Seems to me Jamie has a lot of patience!!! Love snowball dog though x