Monday, February 27, 2012

3 influencial Vs in Tata

There have been some very important Vs going on in our lives in Tatamagouche this past week.
Firstly came the VAN, our new-to-us vehicle, in fact our only road-worthy vehicle at this time. How wonderful it is to be free once more and drive places should we feel the urge. Though we do feel a bit silly as a couple with a family friendly 7 passenger mini-van, but ditch the seats and we have an impressive air-conditioned space to fill with beautiful flowers this summer. It's so huge that even Bertie and Eddie are a bit puzzled over where to sit, Jamie is still a little miffed that we didn't go for the one with the DVD player in the back, but if we are both watching movies I don't see how the car can drive itself. Hurray for the Van - our ticket freedom and flower transport.
So the second very important V came in the form of a group of wonderful women performing the Vagina Monologues and raising a handsome sum to support V Day to end violence against women and girls. Yay! Lots of beers, giggles and vaginas of course.
I have however, saved the best until last... In our small community of Tatamagouche, we were privileged to welcome and simply be bowled over by the incredible Vandana Shiva who travelled all the way from India to share her knowledge and support for seed saving, farmers and food sovereignty. What an amazing woman, not only a shining example of non-violent protest but a true inspiration to us all to stand up against those big corporate bullies. Who? Well simply check this bad gal out, she isn't afraid to challenge big corporations who try and get away with sneaky, downright cheeky violations of intellectual property rights, such as those biopirates (my newly learned and now favourite word) who tried to patent Basmati Rice! It was so great to have her in our very own Tatamagouche. WOW.

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