Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sailing back to those blooming flowers!

No sooner had our 2 newest recruits walked through the door did I announce that I was abandonning the farm for a few days to sail the seas. Despite initially being reluctant to let me depart, when Renee declared that she loved cooking, Jamie realised that my absence might not be so bad after all. Confident that Jamie was in safe hands I trundled off to meet the boat at Hubbards for the annual Schooner Race week. I arrived in time to join in the last day of racing, though this race didn't quite live up to the fast paced action that I had imagined. We quickly lost all the other boats and gave up trying to finish the race and hence disqualified ourselves.
The real adventure began on the following day when myself, Tam and Ray departed from Hubbards and began the journey across the seas back to Tatamagouche. The sail started off peaceful and sunny with a light breeze and over the course of the next 4 days turned cool and breezy with lashings of rain.
We survived a few eyebrow raising moments like running out of fuel and the boat filling up with water (say no more!...), and myself and Ray soon became deaf to any over excited moments of tyranny from our otherwise laid back captain.
It was exciting to finally motor up the channel into the Tatamagouche bay and pick up our mooring right outside the Creamery and we left the boat feeling extremely soggy and in need of a good night's sleep.
Not that I had that to look forward to back at the farm!! The flowers really are in full bloom and Jamie and the girls had been working overtime to get the harvest in. We have now ventured into several different markets during the week and the cooler still seems to be over flowing with blooms. This means that the crazy van is now on the road, so at least everyone sees us coming. Gladioli season is almost upon us and we've just finished wrestling with all the garlic which is now hanging in the barn.
Our chocolate puppy is doubling in size every week and enjoys hanging on to your welly boots (by her teeth) as you harvest. She also leap frogs over Eddie to be the first for any attention, much to Eddie's utter annoyance, he still isn't convinced that this little (bigger by the minute) sister is going to be much fun and has started picking on the ducklings instead. Better dash I can hear Jamie's whip cracking.


  1. Hey - I see the van has polished up well! Also, is that a new bit of siding on the Barn?

  2. Do you have a name for your flower business? You should put it on the van to get your advertising on the road...