Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lilies, Bono and a little chocolate dog

Thanks to the hot sun - heavy rain cycle that we are enduring, we are all in a bloom down at Oliver Farm. Ever since the Asiatic Lilies went pop and the drum stick alliums followed, it seems that we might be taken seriously as a flower farm after all. Harvesting has got a little crazy and if it wasn't for the weeds and the over grown grass (still no mower), the beautiful splashes of colour dotted up and down the field would be a true Eden. It's incredibly satisfying actually having a product to sell and myself and Jamie are still a little stunned as to how any flowers really managed to grow and turn out as beautifully as they have. So as the flowers bloom and we harvest twice a day, we are now able to put them into the newly operational cool room. Hurrah! If it wasn't for the fact that it's leaking somehow, we would almost feel like we had earnt the privilege to cross that project off the list.
All of this excitement makes for a lot of fun and much floral disorganisation and means there are never enough hours in the day, so we are feeling a bit pooped.
We didn't really help ourselves or rather we couldn't help ourselves at the weekend when we decided to pretend we were normal people who didn't farm 24/7 and fled the farm seeking refuge at the U2 Concert in Moncton, New Brunswick (many thanks to Kendra for manning the market stall and working like a trooper all week!). This incredible show turned out to be the last gig in their almost 3 year tour so was full of surprises. However what surprised us most was the fact that we got in so close to the stage. I think at one point if Jamie had had the energy to lift me up I could have touched Bono or strummed on Edge's guitar. We were in the inner circle and rocked our best.
The show was awesome and being so close meant we got to see every detail, we had a ball. Also playing were the absolutely bonkersly brilliant Arcade Fire and Carney. Somehow managed to get my photo taken with Reeve Carney, would imagine that is floating around on facebook somewhere, much to his embarrassment.
To cap our hedonistic (sleep deprived) weekend we swam in the sea and then....scooped up our new puppy. We are currently revelling in her cuteness, need I say more?


  1. Not again - no shoe or slipper is safe!

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