Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Up and Coming at last...

First blooms of the season
There have been many grumblings about how late the growing season is to take off this year, however, since myself and Jamie are notoriously late in everything, we are hoping to work this to our advantage!
Eddie inspecting the glads

We have just about got all the transplants in, gladioli planted, mulch down and seeds sown. Thanks to all the rain, as soon as our transplants get in the ground they are doubling in size. All we need now is some more heat and I am sure that will come.


We are aiming to start at Halifax Farmer's Market the first weekend in July and in the meantime I will be at Tatamagouche Farmer's Market with herb transplants, lavender bushes, our teas of course and the first bouquets.

The peonies are on their way and there are a few beautifully scented stocks and brightly coloured snap dragons to start the season off, not to mention our lovely veridiums.

As soon as there is more we will let you know.

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