Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top 10 spring jobs on the farm

BRRRR well it still feels too cold to be spring but pretty much all the snow has melted so if we pretend it's spring then maybe the daffodils will consider opening and we can crack on and get stuff in the ground.
Spring isn't the only thing that is behind schedule this year, here are some of the jobs that we are still getting done (which really ought to have been done by now!)
  1. Clean out greenhouse - Wait for a nice bright day, open it up, sweep it out, wash dirty trays and generally have a good tidy up to get ready for the season.
  2. Keep on sowing and transplanting - there is still time to order seeds if things aren't going too well.
  3. Order potting soil, compost and worm castings
  4. Check over all fruit trees for pest damage, prune vines if you haven't already done so.
  5. Check over all perennials regularly as they come up to see whether or not they made it! Think about those that need dividing and moving.
  6. Keep clear of the pond so as not to disturb the ducks
  7. Keep dogs away from skunks and muskrats!
  8. Check the garlic patch to make sure the green shoots are popping up
  9. Enjoy the spring bulbs
  10. Sow sweet peas as soon as you can get on the soil! They are so worth it!

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