Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crunch Time

Well the first crunch happened about a month ago and involved a collision between our much-loved (non-backed up) lap top and the hard, filthy pavement of New York City. Whoops. Sadly the damage was as bad as it sounded and we were left stranded all alone without technology to connect us to the big wide world.
So we merrily glided through more festive markets, Winter Solstice, Christmas and into the New Year without our own pc to play with until a couple of weeks ago. I hope this is a good enough excuse for not blogging.
And now more crunching is upon us...the sound of frozen snow outside and the buzz of the cogs in our small brains turning as Jamie crunches the farm figures from 2012. Yikes. So much for down time, this is crunch time!

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