Monday, December 5, 2011

Festive crafting

There's nothing like nearly a foot of snow to get us out of the field and into the barn. The snow blower packed up half way round the pond, fortunately the snow only lasted a few days so we weren't stranded but it was a wake up call that winter is on its way and snow storms are inevitable. Saturday saw the end of hunting season so the woods are safe once more (aside from the coyotes), sadly Jamie has been too busy with the farm to get us a deer for the freezer. However, he has proved himself a fine marksman and, a crafty fox caught in the act of stalking our chickens has been put to rest.
We're busy creating a great deal of mess with a barn full of dried flowers (which seems to have ended up in the house) and putting together festive arrangements for the Christmas markets. Amazing what you can achieve with wire, determination, a glue gun and a can of spray paint. It's a good excuse to fill the house with pine and for Jamie to tuck into egg nog with rum - though to do so he has to fight off the mighty Bertie.

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  1. Your market stall looks fabulous, colourful and attractive- I hope it drew the customers!